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Barber JC Studio Policy

* Bookings and Information available 


* You are FINANCIALLY responsible for EVERY appointment that you make. You will be BLOCK for any rescheduling/cancellation that’s done less than 24 hours prior to your appointment without full payment of the service you requested.


* I prefer ALL payments to be Zelle to me to 219 293 3877 or Cash. This must be done as soon as your service is completed.


* Clients will be BLOCK from making future appointments until previous appointment is fully financially taken care of.


* Once a service/style has been chosen, it cannot be changed in the process, nor when the service/style is completed.


CHECKING IN: client MUST remain in their car or wait outside the building until I notify you via my booking app.


* I will notify you on MY app under your appointment, so be sure that you pay attention to your notifications from my booking app BEFORE you get out your car to enter the building.


* Notification will be sent after (1) my prior client has left Sola and (2) my studio is sanitized. I will meet my client at the door, or client can push the “Call” button on the door directory box then enter 099 to be buzz in. This ensures that I am adhering to capacity limits at all time


LIMITED GUESTS: We will have strict capacity limits. Only ONE GUEST per studio, individuals without appointments (including children) are not allowed in the salon. A child receiving service of the age of 12 and younger may be accompanied by one (1) guardian. Both the child and guardian must wear a mask to remain in the building. 


* If you have multiple children being serviced, you cannot leave them. One is allowed in the building at a time. The others have to wait in the car until it’s their turn.


* No one can enter the building without a mask.


* A great possibility of temperatures being taken before you can enter the building.


FEELING ILL: If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms such as a fever, cough, or sore throat, uncontrol allergies, they can not come in for their scheduled service. DO NOT BOOK!


* Clean Atmosphere is a MUST: No smoke smells, No cursing, No alcohol, No weed/drugs etc. can never enter the building or you will be BLOCKED . Anything you want to watch or listen to on your phone/on your own must have headphones/airpod.


*Complaining, Uncontrollable Actions, Verbal/Physical threats, Anger... you’re be BLOCKED, and Police will be notified.


Thank you,

Barber Jc Studio 

Barber Jc LLC

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